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  Posted by: The Probe      7th December 2019

The Centre for Oral-Maxillofacial and Dental Implant Reconstruction in Manchester (an international ZAGA Centre) offers, on referral, dental and oral implant rehabilitation in a purpose-built dental implant hospital.

Led by Professor Cemal Ucer, Specialist Oral Surgeon, the centre is run by a clinical oral surgical team including consultant anaesthetists and theatre staff, who have a track record of more than 25 years’ experience. Treatments available at the centre include:

  • Maxillary sinus grafting
  • 3D customised allograft block bone grafting
  • Vertical GBR, with or without simultaneous implant placement
  • Autologous PRF/PRP growth factor therapy
  • Nerve lateralisation or repositioning
  • Zygomatic and maxillofacial dental implant reconstructions at Manchester ZAGA Centre
  • Management of failing dental implants / sinus grafts / nerve damage / peri-implant diseases
  • 3D printed, customised, subperiosteal implants for severely atrophic cases

Contact the team today for more information.

Please contact Professor Ucer at or Mel Hay at

01612 371842

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