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  Posted by: The Probe      7th December 2019

Time is of the essence.

So why not choose a product that will help you create outstanding quality restorations faster?

LAVA Esthetic fluorescent full-contour zirconia from 3M Oral Care is an excellent choice for technicians who want to save time without compromising quality or aesthetics.

As Lava Esthetic arrives pre-shaded it saves time by eliminating the manual shading and drying processes.[i]  No shading liquids and no drying time can save over 3 hours compared to liquid shaded zirconia materials. 

Furthermore, Lava Esthetic is the first zirconia to exhibit an inherent tooth-like fluorescence.[ii]

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3M and LAVA are trademarks of the 3M Company.

[i] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Saves time by eliminating shading and drying. Claim 6684 (2016).

[ii] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Inherent fluorescence. Claim 6633 (2016).

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