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  Posted by: The Probe      11th December 2019

The new Primescan available from Clark Dental is redefining intraoral imaging standards. It features innovative Smart Pixel sensors and an advanced dynamic lens that enables you to capture high-resolution, photorealistic images within a matter of seconds.

With its state-of-the-art acquisition centre, Primescan provides seamless, validated and open data transfer options that can be used to export high-resolution models in STL or exocad formats to your preferred laboratory or other external partners.

Primescan also offers the benefit of easy upgradeability to full chairside workflows that incorporate the latest CEREC systems.

Find out how Primescan could revolutionise your restorative and cosmetic dental treatment by contacting Clark Dental. 


For more information, call Clark Dental on 01268 733 146, email or visit

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