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Introducing Perio Plus+

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  Posted by: The Probe      11th December 2019

Help patients manage acute dental problems by recommending Perio Plus+ mouth rinse. This revolutionary new product offers the benefits of natural ingredients, proving to be more effective than market-leading chlorhexidine (CHX) solutions, thanks to its unique formula. [i]

Perio Plus+ not only contains CHX, but also CITROX® – a naturally-derived substance that boasts potent anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. CITROX® is combined with polylysine amino acids for enhanced efficacy and prolonged working time.

Moreover, Perio Plus+ ensures compliance through pleasant taste and minimal adverse side effects typically associated with traditional mouth rinses. This makes it a highly valuable supplement to routine tooth brushing and interdental cleaning.

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[i] Malic, S., Emanuel, C., Lewis, M. A. O. and Williams, D. W. (2013) Antimicrobial activity of novel mouthrinses against planktonic cells and biofilms of pathogenic microorganisms. Microbiology Discovery. 1: 11.

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