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Ensuring dental implant success

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  Posted by: The Probe      8th December 2019

Dental implant stability is an important diagnostic measurement for gauging the success of treatment both in the short and long term.  

The Osstell Beacon™ and IDx system from W&H offers an outstanding, non-invasive means of accurately measuring primary and secondary implant stability readings. These solutions provids easy-to-understand ISQ values that can help clinicians determine if an implant is ready for loading or requires additional healing time.

As the Osstell Beacon™ and IDx system are Bluetooth compatible, clinicians can quickly and easily view the results of each implant measurement on the Osstell Connect platform – whether via a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

With Osstell products being the only ones of their kind to be supported by 1000 clinical papers, you can be sure you benefit from proven technology.

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