Dental bus to bring oral health for homeless


  Posted by: The Probe      19th December 2019

One of Winchester’s largest companies has brought smiles back to the city’s homeless community by providing vital funds throughout 2020 for their dental care.

Simplyhealth, which has offices in both Winchester and Andover, has contributed funds for another year through its Local Community Impact Fund for a mobile dental bus – operated by the charity Dentaid. The bus will visit Trinity Winchester on a monthly basis and provide essential dental care for homeless people in Winchester. Patients will receive a regular dental check-up from dentists and hygienists to improve oral health. 

Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director at Simplyhealth said: “Regular dental visits and a good brushing routine are important for maintaining both good oral health and reducing the risk of tooth decay. We know that more studies are increasingly finding links between oral health and common conditions including heart disease, dementia and diabetes, amplifying the need to increase understanding of good oral health.

“People who are homeless will find maintaining a good oral health routine difficult, which can lead to dental problems. By providing the opportunity through Dentaid for both immediate dental care and subsequent follow-up appointments and monitoring, we can help to improve the oral health and overall wellbeing of homeless patients.”

Sue McKenna, Chief Executive at Trinity Winchester, said: “Being able to visit a dentist can be life-changing for someone living on the streets. Giving someone their smile back builds confidence and puts people on the right tracks to rebuild their lives. We are grateful to Simplyhealth for funding us to do this for the whole of next year”.

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