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  Posted by: The Probe      18th December 2019

Dr Nikhil Sethi from Square Mile Dental Centre in London comments on his experience of the Bioclear Method, which utilises restorative materials from 3M Oral Care.

“The standard of dentistry in this country still varies so much from one clinician to the next,” he says.

“The Bioclear matrix system, in particular the posterior system, has made a tricky procedure into a really predictable method using an injection moulding concept. Since using the posterior bands in 2016, I have found the technique to be repeatable and produces excellent form every time.”

The Bioclear Method is taught using the Filtek Supreme flowable and body XTE composite for anterior restorations, as well as 3M Filtek Flowable bulk fill and Filtek One bulk fill composite for posterior restorations. Find out more today.

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