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Two-in-one solution

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  Posted by: The Probe      15th November 2019

For effective obturation of the root canal, COLTENE is pleased to introduce the ROEKO GuttaFlow® bioseal, which combines free-flow gutta-percha with sealer to provide an ingenious two-in-one solution.

As well as excellent flow properties and radiopacity, a tight seal and optimal protection against re-infection, GuttaFlow® bioseal actively supports regeneration in the root canal by providing the tooth with natural repair constituents and activating biochemical processes.

Apart from MTA and bioglass, GuttaFlow® bioseal is the only material known to exhibit these regenerative and supportive properties – the difference is that GuttaFlow® doesn’t have long curing times or complicated handling.

For a two-in-one solution that does it all, contact COLTENE.


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