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Revolutionise Shade Aesthetics with BRILLIANT EverGlow®

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  Posted by: The Probe      29th November 2019

Developed with a special focus on aesthetics, the BRILLIANT EverGlow® universal submicron hybrid composite from COLTENE is available in seven universal shades.

For best results, each universal shade uses a VITA based Duo Shade system, which allows restorations to blend in harmoniously with adjacent teeth. In turn, this eliminates the need to add a translucent enamel material – achieving an aesthetic result has never been so easy.

For more demanding cases or to customise the aesthetic result, COLTENE offers an additional five shades; three opaque masking shades for heavily discoloured teeth or amalgam tattoos and two translucent shades that can be used to imitate particularly pronounced enamel areas.

With the added bonus of exceptional polishability, gloss retention, high compressive strength and high abrasion strength, BRILLIANT EverGlow® provides exceptional results that your patients will love.

Wish to find out more about the aesthetic and versatile shading system? Contact COLTENE today.


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