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COLTENE for endodontic options

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  Posted by: The Probe      10th November 2019

Dentists who use the COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM file system often find that they can complete even complex cases using just one or two files.

This is a fantastic selling point for root canal treatment that is efficient, cost-effective and comfortable.

The COLTENE HyFlex™ EDM system offers durability, flexibility and value. It now includes the Glidepath file 15/.03, for severely curved canals. Many endodontic practitioners talk of how HyFlex™ files give them options and facilitate stable results. These benefits support patient compliance and encourage their consent to treatment.

The files are just one part of COLTENE’s high-quality range of endodontic tools and materials. Contact the COLTENE team today.


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