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Celebrating one year of Monolith!

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  Posted by: The Probe      3rd November 2019

CosTech Dental Laboratory has now been offering its unique Monolith Full-Contour NHS Zirconia for one year!

During this time over 6,500 Monolith restorations have been placed across the country, by over 600 dentists.

What can Monolith offer you?

  • An aesthetic, strong, long-lasting solution for patients.
  • An affordable price – Monolith is just £29.95 per unit including delivery to and from the lab!
  • A versatile material that is easily adjusted – Monolith can be fitted on all crown prep designs and is available in VITA shades A-D.

As an extra bonus, CosTech is now offering Monolith Adjustment and Polishing Kits. Including seven rotaries for adjustment, polishing and removal (if necessary) this kit comes in an autoclavable case and is priced at just £99.95.

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For more information about CosTech Dental Laboratory, please visit or call 01474 320076

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