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A great innovation in measuring osseointegration

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  Posted by: The Probe      20th November 2019

Osseointegration is essential to the success of dental implants, which makes monitoring the process in a reliable way incredibly important to treatment.

W&H is delighted to present treatment-changing innovations such as the Osstell BeaconTM and the IDx system – fast, reliable and non-invasive means of measuring implant stability. By taking accurate readings of secondary stability, you can more effectively gauge osseointegration. This enables you to pick the perfect time to load the implant, which facilitates faster healing and reduces the risk of implant failure, helping to ensure great patient outcomes.

Osstell products are the only ones of their kind to be supported by over 1000 clinical papers, ensuring you will be investing in proven technology.

Don’t delay – integrate the Osstell BeaconTM or the IDx system into your workflow today!


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