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TANDEX for teens

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  Posted by: The Probe      7th October 2019

A study found that 18-year-olds who used a computer for more than three hours a day tended to neglect their oral health.[i]

Support your younger patients by helping to put the basics in place early: regular appointments, a healthy diet and a good, daily cleaning routine.

TANDEX oral hygiene products are perfect for patients of all ages, including teens.
The brushes are well made, easy to manipulate, robust, yet gentle and give the mouth a thorough clean. Patients may want to add the FLEXI™ interdental brush, plus
PREVENT GEL and mouthwash, for a mouth that’s really healthy.

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[i] Olczak‐Kowalczyk D, Tomczyk J, Gozdowski D, Kaczmarek U. Excessive computer use as an oral health risk behaviour in 18‐year‐old youths from Poland: A cross‐sectional study. Clinical and Experimental Dental Research. 2019 Jun.


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