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  Posted by: The Probe      9th October 2019

Wisdom Toothbrushes offers a range of highly effectively oral healthcare products to help all your patients improve their oral hygiene.

Leading the pack is the Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes – the UK’s No.1 selling rubber interdental brushes.[i] Now with a new stronger stem, they feature a flexible, tapered head and super-soft micro-fine rubber filaments that slide smoothly between the teeth, massaging and stimulating the gingiva for a thorough yet gentle clean. Clinically proven to reduce gum disease, [ii],[iii] they are suitable for use around implants, bridges, crowns and orthodontic appliances and are an ideal solution for patients who find wire interdental brushes difficult or uncomfortable to use.

Also in the portfolio are the Wisdom Pro-flex Wire Interdental Brushes, featuring an ergonomic handle and curved profile that allow access to even hard to reach areas of the mouth.

Discover these and more solutions from Wisdom Toothbrushes today!


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[i] UK Dental Accessories Value Sales IRI All Outlets 52 w/e 8th September 2018

[ii] Yost et el, Interproximal gingivitis and plaque reduction by four interdental products. J Clin Dent. 2006;17(3):79-83.

[iii] Prof. Dr. Petra Ratka-Krüger et al, Clinical trial of a metal-free interdental brush. University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany. Pub Nov 2010.

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