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  Posted by: The Probe      26th October 2019

Dental cement needs to be able to perform well on a wide array of restorative materials.

That’s why RelyX Unicem self-adhesive resin cement from 3M Oral Care is the most clinically proven cement of its kind.[i]

In studies, RelyX Unicem has exhibited a significantly higher level of adhesion to zirconia and dentine than other market leading cements.[ii] Furthermore, RelyX Unicem cement provides excellent ease of use – making it a top choice for dentists around the world.[iii]

RelyX Unicem self-adhesive resin cement also received a 96% clinical performance rating on a recent 15-year recall study by The Dental Advisor. Categories included lack of post-operative sensitivity, lack of marginal discoloration and retention.

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3M and RelyX are trademarks of the 3M Company.


[i] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. World’s most clinically proven cement. Claim 4585 (2010).


[ii] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Significantly higher adhesion level to dentine compared to SmartCem2. Claim 4040 (2009).


[iii] 3M Oral Care Internal Data. Dentists choose RelyX due to ease of use. Claim 2010 (2005).


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