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  Posted by: The Probe      22nd September 2019

When patients come to you for specialist orthodontic treatment, they deserve to be treated with effective appliances.

The Incognito Lite appliance system from 3M Oral Care is proven to deliver accurate results,[i]allowing you to provide your patients with safe and predictable orthodontic care.

Designed in close cooperation with orthodontists and endorsed by more than 9,000 specialists across the globe, the Incognito Lite system is the ideal choice for experts.

Designed with a large bonding area for optimum bond strength, the system conforms to patients’ unique dental anatomies, providing maximum comfort.[ii]

To see how you could give your patients the treatments they deserve, contact the 3M Oral Care team today.


For more information, call 0845 873 4066or visit


3M is atrademark of the 3M Company.

Incognito is a trademark of TOP-Service für Lingualtechnik GmbH.


[i]Demling, Anton, Dr., Dittmer, Marc, P., Dr., Schwestka-Polly Rainer, Dr., “Comparative analysis of slot dimensions in lingual bracket systems” (2009) in: Head Face Med. 2009, Issue 5 p.27

[ii]Grauer, Dan, Dr., and Proffit, William, R., Dr., Hill, Chapel, Dr. “Accuracy in tooth positioning with fully customised lingual orthodontic appliance” (2011) in: NC American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics, 2011, Vol. 140, Issue 3 P. 433-443 

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