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  Posted by: The Probe      10th September 2019

Complete eradication of microbes from the root canal system and prevention of reinfection are essential to endodontic success.

 As no single chemical solution exists that can effectively and safely achieve complete debridement, utmost care should be taken to find a suitable combination of irrigation products.

COLTENE offers a complete range of CanalProendodontic irrigation solutions that work in harmony with one another to ensure optimal results.

The CanalProNaOCI(sodium hypochlorite)available in a 3% and 6% formula is for the successful irrigation of root canals during and after instrumentation, while CanalProEDTA 17% (ethylenediamenetetraacetic acid) removes smear layer and dentine mud and opens dentine tubules.

COLTENE also offers CanalProCHX (chlorhexidine digluconate) 2% for additional rinsing and for use during revisions, as well as a range of syringes, syringe warmer and highly flexible endodontic brushes.

For everything you could possibly need during irrigation, contact COLTENE.


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