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  Posted by: The Probe      5th September 2019

Modern dentistry is all about adapting to patient demands and evolving with the times. Carestream Dental has remained at the cutting-edge of the profession for several decades now and it is committed to delivering technologies that simplify every day workflows.

The CS Adapt module is one such solution. It enables dentists to define how extraoral images look with several filters available to suit their individual preferences. The easy-to-use filter library offers six options for panoramic images and four options for cephalometric images, with the capacity to create customised settings and save any favourites.

All this serves to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and make every day routines simpler for the professional.

Compatible with the CS 8100 family of imaging units, as well as the CS 9000 / CS 9300 CBCT machine, CS Adapt allows every practitioner to work in the way they want to.

Contact the friendly team at Carestream Dental and start adapting your images to you today.


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