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Bioactive, intelligent obturation

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  Posted by: The Probe      17th August 2019

If you want an obturation material that can do more, choose ROEKO GuttaFlow™ bioseal from the leading manufacturer and distributor of endodontic products, COLTENE.

After curing, ROEKO GuttaFlow™ bioseal forms hydroxylapatite crystals, which improves adhesion and stimulates the regeneration of bone and dentine. This makes it an intelligent and bioactive product that works alongside the natural tissue, encouraging repair.

Material selection is key to giving endodontic patients the best chance of treatment success. The COLTENE portfolio has solutions for efficient preparation and irrigation, as well as obturation and sealing.

To learn about ROEKO GuttaFlow™ bioseal as part of the endodontic range, contact COLTENE today.


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