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  Posted by: The Probe      26th July 2019

Not all restorative materials can provide great aesthetics.

With Filtek Supreme XTE restorative dental composite from 3M Oral Care you can be confident knowing that yours can.

Not only does this restorative material have a wide range of opacities and shades[i]available to ensure that it blends with a patient’s natural dentition, but it also has unsurpassed polish retention[ii]so that restorations really shine.

All this combines to ensure that you can create outstanding, natural-looking restorations[iii]that are suitable as long-term solutions.

Help your patients shine bright today by contacting 3M Oral Care for more information.


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3M and Filtek are trademarks of the 3M Company

[i]3M Oral Care Internal Data. 36 shades and opacities. Claim 4188 (2009).


[ii]3M Oral Care Internal Data. Unsurpassed polish retention. Claim 4710 (2011).


[iii]3M Oral Care Internal Data. Outstanding, natural looking restorations. Claim 4722 (2011).

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