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  Posted by: The Probe      15th June 2019

As the sun chases away the grey skies of winter, it’s a clear indication that warmer months are on the horizon. Whilst this means (hopefully) better weather, losing the layers and the return of brighter days, it also means that wedding season is drawing ever closer.

Though this may not initially strike you as something relevant to your practice, wedding season is boom time for cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening, so this might be something to consider marketing more, especially as it can be a highly profitable enterprise.

Why is whitening popular for wedding season?

If there’s any colour that we instantly associate with wedding ceremonies, it’s white. The big white dress is an integral part of the day for many people and, understandably, people want to look their very best on their special day – particularly because all eyes will be on them. As such, it makes sense that they want their smile to look the best it can, particularly as no one wants to hide their smile on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives.

This is further compounded by the fact that wedding photographs are a big part of the modern wedding. They say memories last a lifetime, but a photograph is far more telling, and people want to ensure that their smiles are looking good so they can display the photographs with pride – whether in their home, or on social media platforms.

Spring and summer – the best time to promote!

A few decades ago, wedding season typically began in March and peaked in April/May. However, recent data has revealed that more people have their ceremony in summer or even in early autumn instead.[i]

This shift is interesting as it offers a new perspective on wedding season for dental professionals, and with it the chance to make the most of offering tooth-whitening products. This now means that spring and early summer are the best time to promote these products throughout your practice. Is there any way you can offer summer deals/ a special reduced price for those who are whitening for their wedding? By introducing marketing materials such as leaflets, posters and more you can quickly build a strong foundation of patients interested in the treatment, especially as many will opt for the treatment in preparation for holidays and other summer events where they want their smiles to look great.

A year round return

One very positive aspect of this change of wedding season is that it now ensures that tooth whitening can easily become a year round commodity for your practice. With the season spanning a huge proportion of the year, this means that you can market towards would-be brides and grooms from just before spring all the way to the beginning of autumn in order to catch the season highs. Once this is over, you can then begin to market tooth whitening with a Christmas twist – as many of the same reasons that inspire people to seek whiter teeth for their weddings also apply to Christmas gatherings.

This means that offering tooth whitening solutions at your practice will fast become profitable, especially if you tailor your marketing effectively and promote any deals you have for wedding or winter whitening on your social media pages, in any newsletters and within your practice too.

Which way is best?

Of course, what remains now is too choose a tooth whitening treatment that is easy to complete and will appeal to your patients. When it comes to making this decision it’s good to evaluate what couples looking to get married will appreciate most – and this really comes down to time.

Wedding planning is time consuming and can be stressful as well as difficult to slot around work life and other commitments. Therefore, finding a treatment that patients can fit into their schedules whilst still achieving excellent results is the best way forward to appeal to this market.

Saber Tooth White whitening kits from CosTech Dental Laboratory are an excellent option. The extremely thin bleaching trays are moulded directly to fit the unique contours of your patients’ teeth, and as they are almost invisible can be worn both at home and when performing other activities. Furthermore, the fast-acting whitening solution doesn’t require whitening lights, so teeth and gums won’t experience any sensitivity.

A bright idea

With wedding season just begun, now is the perfect time to start offering whitening treatments for your patients. By choosing a solution that works around their schedules and offers great results, you can ensure that it will benefit your practice and your patients throughout the year.


Saber Tooth White Home Kits are available from CosTech Dental Laboratory.

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[i]CNBC Markets. This Wedding Saving Strategy Comes With A Risk. Link:[Last accessed March 19].

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