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  Posted by: The Probe      11th June 2019

Accurate impressions require a material that can offer absolute reliability.

Make sure you choose a material that can offer excellent results by using Impregum Penta polyether impression material from 3M Oral Care.

Due to its high level of hydrophilicity,  Impregum Penta polyether impression material instantly displaces moisture at first contact with the oral environment, resulting in precise impressions.[i]Furthermore, Impregum Penta also flows easily and doesn’t slump helping you to achieve an accurate result.[ii]

Find out more by contacting the friendly team at 3M Oral Care.


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3M and Impregumare trademarks of the 3M Company.

[i]3M Oral Care Internal Data. Displaces moisture. Claim 2932 (2006).


[ii]3M Oral Care Internal Data. Good flow and does not slump. Claim 3162 (2007).

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