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COLTENE adds file to HyFlex™ EDM system

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  Posted by: The Probe      18th June 2019

New to COLTENE’s HyFlex™ EDM portfolio of endodontic tools is the Glidepath file 15/.03, for the preparation of strongly curved and very narrow canals.

It is the perfect addition to the existing high-quality range, offering flexibility in a variety of indications. Safe and competent shaping of even S-shaped canals can now be achieved efficiently.

The HyFlex™ EDM Glidepath file 15/.03 was developed to help meet the challenge of complex endodontic cases; good preparation means reliable results and upgraded dentistry.

Discover the HyFlex™ EDM Glidepath file 15/.03 and see why COLTENE is a leader in the manufacture of high-performance tools and materials.


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