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  Posted by: The Probe      18th May 2019

Among those at the forefront of advances in dentistry is Dr Robbie Hughes, Principal Dentist at the Dental Excellence Smile Makeover Centre in Liverpool.

Dr Hughes says: “We’ve fully embraced the digital revolution. Not only have I invested in multiple digital impression scanners, but also a range of state-of-the-art dental magnification solutions, including the Carl Zeiss EXTARO® 300 microscope supplied by Nuview.”

This revolutionary microscope features various breakthrough visualisation modes – including the Fluorescence Mode, which enables the detection of carious tooth substances. The EXTARO® 300 also offers the TrueLight Mode for optimised colour balance and the NoGlare Mode, which suppresses obtrusive light reflections.

These features help to support Dr Hughes and his team in day-to-day practice, so that Dental Excellence is able to accept referrals for both simple and complex cases. As part of the practice’s continued progression, Dr Hughes aims to develop the facial aesthetics aspect of his business in the near future, so as to provide a fully comprehensive service.

Contact Nuview to explore how it continues to support the success of dental practices by supplying innovative Carl Zeiss dental magnification equipment.


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