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Whiter Smiles, Brighter Days

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  Posted by: The Probe      8th April 2019

With brilliant white smiles shining from every advert, billboard and screen, even patients that take excellent care of their teeth may feel they fall short aesthetically.

Saber Tooth White Home Kits are a professional whitening home kit that gives great results. Unlike earlier approaches, it offers a lightless system, which avoids the discomfort and irritation whitening lights can cause.

Whiter, brighter smiles are associated with friendliness and attractiveness.[i] The boost to self-confidence will see your patients returning again and again.

Don’t let a discoloured smile get your patients down, a brighter smile is but a simple treatment away – find out more today!


Saber Tooth White Home Kits are available from CosTech Dental Laboratory.

For more information, please visit


[i] Strajnić L., Bulatović D., Stančić I., Živković R. Self-perception and satisfaction with dental appearance and aesthetics with respect to patients’ age, gender, and level of education. Serbian Archives of Medicine. 2016; 144(11-12): 580-589. Available at Accessed August 23, 2018.


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