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Supporting National Smile Month and improving oral health in the UK


  Posted by: The Probe      18th April 2019

Get ready to smile because the world’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote better oral health is almost upon us, explains Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Oral Health Foundation Chief Executive.

Beginning on May 13th, National Smile Month champions good oral health and aims to engage people about the importance of a healthy mouth.

The support of the dental world has been integral to the success of National Smile Month. Together, we reach millions of people annually about the value of a healthy smile. That’s why we are eager for your participation in 2019.

National Smile Month is our chance to come together and promote the importance of good oral health and how to achieve it. By doing so, we can help people live healthier, happier and longer lives.

Changing momentum

We see National Smile Month as an opportunity to make a difference and change what many may see as a disappointing start to the year, as far as oral health is concerned.

Already in 2019, there have been several damaging headlines for oral health in the press. These have included the grotesque amount of sugar consumed by British children, the staggering percentage of adults failing to brush their teeth daily, and the alarming numbers of people who are still avoiding dental appointments. All provide cause for concern and each issue needs to be urgently addressed.

National Smile Month’s key messages aim to address these shortcomings. They are:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how much sugary foods and drinks you have and how often you have them.
  • Visit your dental team regularly, as often as they recommended.

This year, we are teaming up with Phillips to create #Habits4life. We will be encouraging your patients and the wider public to take simple steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Brushing twice a day, developing a balanced diet and visiting the dentist regularly are all key to our overall wellbeing. Spreading the message could help to foster a healthier nation for years
to come.

All work and no play

In addition to Phillips, we are delighted that some of the world’s most-recognised household brands like Oral-B, GSK and Wrigley have already announced their intention to join in with what will be a fun-filled campaign.

National Smile Month has the potential to help address serious issues in the landscape of oral health in a fun and friendly way.

By now, you should have received our official guide to the campaign ‘What a difference a smile makes.’ If not, it is available to download for free from

The guide gives plenty of information about how you can promote good oral health in an interesting and positive way.

There is more advice and inspiration about the kind of activities and events you can organise for National Smile Month, on the campaign’s website (www.smilemonth. org). I hope we can count on your support

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