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  Posted by: The Probe      5th April 2019

Most dentists are aware of the benefits of using enhanced magnification, but how many know that it is now possible to detect and treat caries using the dental microscope?

The first device of its kind, the EXTARO® 300 combines caries detection technology with optical magnification so that dentists can visibly see carious tooth substances during excavation of previously opened cavities. It’s called the Fluorescence Mode – and it is taking the profession by storm.

The EXTARO® 300 is also the first microscope to include polarised illumination to provide a NoGlare Mode, which allows practitioners to precisely analyse the colour shades of a tooth during restorative treatment. To say Carl Zeiss has revolutionised dental microscopy would be an understatement…

To find out more, contact the UK Carl Zeiss specialist and dealer, Nuview.


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