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  Posted by: probe-admin      15th April 2019

Ten Dental + Facial is proud to offer its own dedicated Implant Restoration Course (IRC), led by renowned implantologists – Drs Nikhil Sisodia and Martin Wanendeya.

Ten Dental + Facial’s distinguished IRC is made up of five modules – taught over the course of a year – covering both practical and theoretical elements of implant restorations. Upon completing the IRC, clinicians will be able to confidently diagnose, treatment plan and restore implants within their own practice – benefitting from the ongoing support from of Dr Sisodia and Dr Wanendeya.

Contact the team for further details on this year’s IRC.


For more information about Ten Dental + Facial and the Implant Restoration Course, visit Facebook/Implant Restoration Course-IRC, email: office@tendental.com, visit www.implant-restoration.com or call 020 7622 7610

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