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  Posted by: The Probe      15th March 2019

“I have been using COLTENE Brilliant! Everglow since 2015,” says Dr Nalin Karunaratne. “I have used COLTENE products before, so I knew very well about COLTENE’s legacy of excellence in dental products so I was keen to find out more.

“In terms of handling, I was remarkably impressed by its adaptation to the walls of deep posterior cavities and how it didn’t stick to my instruments!

“True to its name, it requires a simple finishing protocol and the end result is as glossy as natural enamel and dentine. You achieve biomimetic results with very little fuss which is what we want in this digital era where we demand fast results at the click of a finger.

“It can be used in both anterior and posterior teeth with stunning results and patients have never failed to be impressed when I show them photographs.

“It’s truly commendable technology from a truly innovative company.

“Having used a great many composite systems, I can confidently say you will struggle to find a system better than Brilliant! Everglow – if you combine ease of use, aesthetics, finishing protocol and colour match. I take great pride in recommending this as well other COLTENE products to my colleagues.”


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