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Piezomed – The Cutting Edge of Bone Surgery

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  Posted by: The Probe      13th March 2019

The Piezomed from W&H brings the power of ultrasonic vibrations to your practice.

Unlike cumbersome traditional tools, the Piezomed allows you to approach surgical incisions confidently from almost any angle. This is thanks to the nature of ultrasonic technology, which is calibrated to cut only bone, leaving adjacent soft tissues completely undamaged – even when touched directly.

Eliminating risk to the many delicate soft-tissue structures found in the oral cavity makes surgery in this area safer and easier than ever before.

Perform surgical procedures with the clearest view of the area possible thanks to a combination of intelligently designed LED illumination and the near elimination of bleeding. The cavitation effect produced by the device causes microcoagulation in bone, keeping the operating area as free from blood as possible.

The ultrasonic cutting action is quieter than traditional tools, making for a less frightening and stressful experience for your patients.

Safer surgery. Quicker healing. Less sound. These are just some of the benefits of the Piezomed.

Be a cut above the rest by investing in Piezomed today.


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