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  Posted by: The Probe      7th March 2019

Dental implants have opened up new treatment pathways for patients whose smiles need rejuvenating. Offering a fixed, long-term solution for patients missing teeth, it’s no wonder there’s ever-more demand for implant treatment throughout the UK.

If you would like to offer dental implants, but are unsure about taking on full training, Ten Dental can offer you a great solution. Partnering with the referring dentist closely, and working flexibly at whatever level is comfortable for you, Ten Dental can provide high-quality implant work on referral.

Drs Nik Sisodia and Martin Wanendeya head up the award-winning Ten Dental team, putting their years of experience as one of the UK’s top implant clinics to good use as they help to get your patients the results they want.

Ten Dental is committed to building strong professional relationships that stand the test of time, working with you on every case before returning the patient to your care for routine dentistry and on-going maintenance.

Offer your patients the quality implant treatment they deserve. To find out more about Ten Dental, and start building a partnership with a team you can trust, get in touch today.


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