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Barry Lanesman comments on membership with the ADG:

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st March 2019

Barry Lanesman, the Chief Executive Officer of Dentex, comments on membership with the Association of Dental Groups (ADG):

 “As part of our mission to inspire growth and high standards of clinical practice, improve the running of practices, create value and liberate lifestyles – Dentex has joined the ADG. The ADG recognises that dentistry in the UK is rapidly changing and the corporate model is evolving, therefore it is a well-suited association for Dentex as we move forward.

“Being an ADG member ensures that we remain up to date with regulatory and market changes. The ADG brings together some of the brightest minds from the profession and we will be amongst the first to benefit from the latest insights. As such, we value our membership with the ADG and look forward to working with together.”


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