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The 9th Dawood and Tanner Study Day – Everyday Challenges and Pragmatic Solutions


  Posted by: The Probe      16th January 2019

The Dawood and Tanner Study Day began life as an internal training event for the practice team and our referrers. The Study Day is now the CPD highlight of the year for many general dental practitioners and their teams. The event will take place once again at the Wellcome Collection, Euston Road, our venue for the last 3 years.

Every year the D&T team reflects upon the challenges that we have faced over the year, and designs a programme to address topics of direct relevance and importance to our team, our referrers, and the many general dental practitioners and specialists that we collaborate with.

There are so many CPD courses available, that choosing what to attend can be a challenge. One of the great benefits of our event is the broad scope and everyday relevance of the topics covered by the invited speakers, whose insights and solutions can help to make your practice more effective and successful. The aim of our Study Day is to be pertinent and immediately applicable to your team, your patients and your practice. All topics are key to anyone in dental practice today, and the CPD criteria link to all four development outcomes.

The study day brings together carefully selected speakers some of whom are part of the the D&T team. Dr Shanon Patel will look at the contemporary management of dental trauma – reviewing our unique multidisciplinary approach to the management of patients who have presented in recent years. Dr Fiona MacKillop will explore the issues with tissues around teeth and implants, and Dr Almas Hussain will address the tricky topic of what happens once orthodontist treatment has been completed – the importance of achieving a stable result, and how to maintain it with appropriate retention.

With a move towards healthier diets and better dental care, our patients are keeping their teeth longer, and as a result, we will all see more patients with tooth wear; Dr Saoirse O’Toole and Dr Matthew Garrett will together address this subject looking at the aetiology and management. Drs Andrew Dawood and Susan Tanner will show how implant treatments can be made more accessible and acceptable to our patients, using acute 3D awareness and the latest digital and CAD techniques to simplify treatment.

Handling complaints is unfortunately a serious matter, and in our increasingly litigious society, requires a great deal of experience and diplomacy. We are pleased to welcome Dr Raj Rattan to share his insights into this important subject. With the rise of antibiotic resistant organisms, confusion over guidelines, and the advent of new antibiotics, Dr Caroline Pankhurst, a longstanding collaborator and infection control guru will share the latest approaches to antibiotic prescribing. In the course of the last year, two cases of oral cancer were identified in patients of our practice, and several patients referred with recurrent ulcerative lesions. Dr Pepe Shirlaw will update us on the differential diagnosis and management of oral ulcers.

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