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  Posted by: The Probe      5th January 2019

Dr Greig McLean shares his thoughts on the range of products he purchased from leading manufacturer, W&H:

“Over the past four years at The Berkeley Clinic, we have seen a significant increase in the volume and scope of our dental implant cases. On this basis, we knew that we needed, not just more equipment, but more technical support from a trusted brand.

“Having previously had issues with an implant surgical unit we had ordered from another manufacturer, we were keen to work with W&H based on the range of products the company offers, its reputation for quality, and the availability of the team’s support in the event something should go wrong.

“As such, we invested in the Elcomed, the Implantmed and the Piezomed surgical units – all of which are reliable, simple to use, and easy for dental nursing staff to maintain. Not only are they also comfortable to operate and perform consistently well, they are also straightforward to move between surgeries and complement the unique aesthetic of our practice.

“I have no regrets in investing in W&H products and I’m delighted to have the team’s years of expertise behind me when operating on patients.”

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