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  Posted by: The Probe      18th January 2019

For decades we have seen growing numbers of people undertake measures to modify their appearance, some of which may be perceived as extreme and even disastrous; yet we must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It would be impossible to create a set of universal standards of attractiveness or appeal but nonetheless, we live in a very image-conscious society and a patient’s desire to look good should not be underestimated.

Research reveals that dental status and the appearance of the teeth play an important role in how we develop a first impression of another person. It has been revealed that those with good teeth and less dental disease are judged to be more socially competent, show greater intellectual achievement and have better psychological adjustment.[i]Similarly, the lightness of the teeth is strongly associated with dental attractiveness and has been reported as a majorpredictor of social appeal, which affects positive perceptions such as happiness, social relations and academic performance.[ii]Certainly, dental aesthetics and treatments that improve the smile are associated with higher levels of patient satisfaction regarding appearance, quality of life and psychological condition,[iii]which may explain why comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry exhibits continual growth.

In recent years there has been a marked rise in the demand for teeth whitening, new procedures for teeth capping and crowning, as well as dental implants.[iv]Correspondingly, these types of treatments have moved into the mainstream of most general dental practices and it has become a very competitive market. Providing a remarkable patient experience can, of course, set a practice apart, but one must remember that patients are now more knowledgeable about dental treatments and understand what certain procedures can do for their appearance. They are also more aware of their oral health and demand a high level of care with approaches that do not cause excessive damage or discomfort, and they want them quickly![v]Whilst patients are often prepared to make a considerable financial investment, they are also happy to shop around to ensure that they receive timely, affordable, long-lasting and highly aesthetic solutions.

  Consequently, it is not wise to get stuck in a rut, perhaps using the products, materials and techniques that have been around for years. Instead, dental professionals need to ensure that they are up to date with the latest scientific and technological developments within their field and embrace innovation. Patients are seeking faster, better treatment so it is important to promote the benefits of advanced technology anddistinguish the practice as a high-tech establishment. Only then can practices and professionals hope to meet patients’ ever growing expectations and ensure that they stay ahead of the competition.

In response to both professional and patient demands, we have seen considerable advances in dental manufacturing, technologies and materials, which have made it possible to improve overall case management. Dental professionals are now able to perform high quality aesthetic dental treatments with increased accuracy and speed, and of course, in a more cost-effective manner. Take for example, dental implants. With high long-term survival ratesand multiple applications, these areconsidered to be a safe and effective way to replace the appearance and function of missing teeth. Most clinicians will be familiar with bone level implant systems. Yet, after considerable research and using advanced but well-proven technology, there is now a tissue level implant system that combines zirconia and pure titanium into one seamless component to improve treatment procedures and enhance aesthetic results.

The Z1 implant system features a unique zirconia collar, which protects the crestal bone and the gingiva with an anti-bacterial shield for optimal soft-tissue management, primary stability and osseointegration. The tissue level implant offers a success rate of 98.6 per cent[vi]and affords clinicians good visibility and accessibility to components while being more cost-effective in the short, medium and long term compared to conventional bone level implants.[vii]

The beauty of your practice is in the eye of your patients. So make sure you understand what matters most to them, along with the means to achieve outstanding outcomes for both patients as well as your business.

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