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‘It’s a no brainer’ for dentists

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  Posted by: The Probe      25th January 2019

Dr Emma-Louise Colvin shares her insight on the BACD Recommended Meeting she attended in Edinburgh recently:

“I was motivated to join this session based on my interest in developing current skills within composite placement and minimally invasive dentistry.

“Both the speakers at the meeting demonstrated how to apply specific techniques in a clear and direct way, which was supported by clinical evidence. The speakers were supportive, engaging and their enthusiasm was particularly inspiring. It was evident that they worked very well together and they have completely changed the way I will provide anterior and posterior composites in the future.

“I have always adopted the ‘less is more’ approach with anterior work which was fully supported in this meeting. I now have the evidence-based skills to produce beautiful aesthetics that are durable and are a tooth protective alternative to crowns. The techniques showcased by the speakers at the BACD Recommended Meeting have motivated me to adopt them within my own practice because they enable me to deliver the best results for my patients. I’m genuinely excited to do this, which is such a joy 20 years into the profession.

“I have already advised other colleagues to take part in BACD Recommended Meetings. They are a no brainer for busy dentists and a brilliant way to learn new skills so as to advance within your career. I had an excellent day at the session in Edinburgh.”

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