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  Posted by: probe-admin      11th January 2019

Dental student, Imaan Khalid, shares her thoughts on the BACD’s Ladies Who Do Dentistry event:

“I believe that dentistry is still a very male-dominated profession and one that women can find difficult to excel within, particularly if – like me – they want to have a family. I attended the BACD’s Ladies Who Do Dentistry event based on my interest in finding out how inspirational female practitioners have managed to thrive, despite the many pressures they’ve faced.

“I thought the presentations and the speakers at the event were formal, but interactive, insightful and engaging. It was really eye-opening to hear from female dentists who were very honest about their personal experiences. I now see that it is possible to have a successful career within dentistry as a woman.

“As a result of Ladies Who Do Dentistry, I’ve been able to network with other dental students, newly-qualified dentists, and established figures – all of whom have the same passion, drive, and enthusiasm for dentistry as I do. If anything, this has motivated me to become more successful than I originally thought I could.

“I would recommend the Ladies Who Do Dentistry event to any dental professional, regardless of gender – it’s very informative and you gain valuable insight into other women’s successes, but also the challenges they’ve faced, and how they’ve managed to overcome them. It’s all about empowering women in dentistry. The event also demonstrates how anyone from any background can excel as a dentist.”

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