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The BACD welcomes a new President

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  Posted by: The Probe      14th December 2018

In the last few years, the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) has grown to become one of the most respected institutions within the dental profession. It remains committed to promoting clinical excellence through education and professional development. Maintaining its mission to be the most influential, open and vibrant community of dental professionals, the BACD is proud to announce it has elected Dr Rahul Doshi as its new President for 2019.

Dr Doshi graduated as a dentist in 1991 and has since been dedicated to expanding his knowledge and sharing his passion for various aspects of modern dentistry. He was the Clinical Editor of the Premium Practice Dentistry (PPD) dental publication, and has dedicated much of his time to lecturing both in the UK and abroad, helping other practitioners enhance their skillset and broaden their knowledge in functional and cosmetic dentistry. Having been commended for his Outstanding Contribution to Cosmetic Dentistry at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards in 2017, Dr Doshi embodies many of the ideals that the BACD prides itself on.

“I’ve been a member of the BACD since its inception 15 years ago, so it’s really exciting to have been elected as the next President,” says Dr Doshi. “I’m eager to help the BACD move forward, using the foundation of hard work Past Presidents have put in to help shape the Academy into what it is now. Although my new role as BACD President is a huge responsibility, it is one that I have looked forward to taking on.”

Reflecting on the organisation, Dr Doshi says: “In the last year, the Academy has been able to achieve a far more stable financial position, enabling us to invest in a more dynamic and modern educational programme fit for our members. I am really excited to continue delivering dental education of the highest calibre so that clinicians can continue to improve on their skills and knowledge.

“Promoting high quality, ethical cosmetic dentistry within general practice is another key priority for the BACD. Many dentists still carry out simple dental treatment without any aesthetic consideration, but in reality, all treatment should be delivered with regard to what each patient wants. For instance, if a patient has a crown fitted, or a single tooth replaced with an implant or a denture, then practitioners should be working to ensure these solutions offer natural-looking results – after all, why would patients expect anything less? This is a message the BACD wants to continue spreading to the general dental community, in the hopes of encouraging more practitioners to perform treatment with consideration to every patient’s aesthetic desires – whether it be a simple filling or a broader treatment plan.

“I also want to enhance the perception and profile of the BACD, so that it’s instantly recognisable as a well-known organisation – not just among dentists, but among patients too. I would like patients to see the Academy as a resource for finding cosmetic dentists that have the professional credentials of a BACD Accredited or full member dentist.

“At the top of the BACD’s list of priorities this year is breathing new life into the Accreditation Programme. This is a prestigious pathway of progression that no other organisation offers and it enables dentists to achieve the highest standards of cosmetic dentistry. Dr Oliver Harman currently spearheads the Accreditation Programme and he is doing a fantastic job at motivating dentists to advance beyond their current scope of practice. I would like to see the number of dentists undertaking BACD Accreditation continue to increase in the next few years.

“The BACD sets itself apart from other organisations in that it always listens to its members and adapts accordingly. As a result, the Academy is constantly evolving, offering enhanced education in the form of Recommended Meetings and the Annual Conference. The quality of the speakers at these events and the content that is presented are a reflection of what our members have asked for and the BACD has delivered. The Academy now offers some of the best dental education in the profession, enabling practitioners to holistically improve their cosmetic dental practises and deliver fantastic aesthetic results for their patients.

“This is one of the many reasons why we have a growing membership, but what makes the BACD particularly appealing is the fact that everyone within the Academy is approachable. We encourage people to network and interact with the wider dental community at events and through digital platforms. The Board of Directors is no exception to this rule, and individuals strive to engage with all dental professionals, whether they are just launching their career or are well established within the profession. The BACD has become a friendly, highly inclusive community for people to share their passion and interest in cosmetic dentistry, and I’m delighted to be part of it all.”

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