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  Posted by: The Probe      6th December 2018

As many clinicians weigh up the merits and limitations of both titanium and zirconia implants, how do you decide which system is the best solution for patients? With TBR’s Z1 implant, the choice is simple.

Backed by 15 years of innovative research, the Z1 implant system remains the world’s only tissue level implant that combines titanium and zirconia in one seamless component.

With an average success rate of 98.6%, the Z1 implant features a robust and highly biocompatible titanium body, as well as a unique zirconia collar which has proven its long-term efficacy in clinical studies.

Acting as a protective shield to the crestal bone and gingiva, the zirconia collar generates effective adhesion and proliferation of both fibroblast and osteoblast cells.[i]This encourages excellent osseointegration and epithelial healing, so practitioners and patients can be confident knowing they are able to achieve optimum aesthetics and function.

With the Z1 implant, there’s no need to compromise – practitioners can choose a system that takes advantage of both titanium andzirconia.

Contact the exclusive suppliers at DENKA today and begin exploring the possibilities of the Z1 implant.

 For more information on the Z1 implant, visit, email or call 0800 707 6212

[i]Bianchi, A. & Bosetti, Michela & Dolci, G & T Sberna, M & Sanfilippo, S & Cannas, Mario. (2004) In vitro and in vivo follow-up of titanium transmucosal implants with a zirconia collar. Journal of applied biomaterials & biomechanics. 2:143-50. Link: [Last accessed: 16.04.18].

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