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  Posted by: The Probe      20th December 2018

Continued education and training is a cornerstone of success in modern dentistry. Professionals need to have the right knowledge and skills, as well as access to continued support if they are to effectively operate cutting-edge technologies and deliver a first-class service. This is true of individuals in the dental practice and the laboratory and there are a myriad of advantages to be enjoyed when you get it right.

Filling the gaps

When looking to recruit new members of staff, a practice principal or manager will initially assess candidates based on their qualifications and clinical experience. You will need to know that an applicant can fill the gaps in your team and help the business to deliver the service its patients have come to expect. Equally, if you’re looking to expand your treatment offerings by adding implant services, for example, you will need a professional with adequate qualifications and experience in the field.

The benefits

Beyond the recruitment process, staff training ensures that your team can continue to provide quality treatments and use cutting-edge technologies and materials. Providing access to CPD events and other learning opportunities afford a dental business several benefits, and is central to a happy and productive workforce.

For a start, research has found a direct correlation between job satisfaction and workplace learning in the healthcare setting.[1]Establishing a happy team is essential in the dental practice as contented staff are more likely to be motivated to do a good job. While the literature varies slightly in terms of the exact percentage, one paper found a 12 per cent increase in productivity among happy employees compared to the control group.[2]

The positive relationship between job satisfaction and workplace learning has been proven in industries other than healthcare, where it has also been linked to an increased intention among staff to remain within the business.[3]This potential positive affect on staff retention could help a dental practice to maintain a consistent service that patients will appreciate, while also helping the business to run more efficiently on a daily basis, as everyone will be familiar with their roles.

In addition, research has suggested a good return on investment for companies that support employee learning. One study found that employees at the company analysed were more likely to have been promoted or retained if they were reimbursed for their education.[4]The same paper reported a $1.29 cost saving for every $1 spent on tuition. So not only will you be likely to create a happier, more productive team, but you could also increase practice profits at the same time, simply by financially supporting your staff in their continued training.

Complete the circle

In short, the provision or at least facilitation of learning in the workplace affords several benefits for the business. However, it is just as important for you to work with a laboratory that understands the advantages of continual staff training as well. Just as the education and job satisfaction among your staff can help to maintain the service and patient care you provide, the same attributes among your lab team will ensure you receive high quality products and a consistent service from them.

Partnering with a laboratory you trust to keep all its technicians up-to-date with the latest materials, processes and technologies with enable you to meet the exceptional standards you are striving for. Effective collaboration can also help you improve the treatment planning process for patients, further ensuring first-class care every time.

Having recently undergone a complete transformation, Sparkle Dental Labs is proud of the company it has become today. It shares your passion for excellent dentistry and places great emphasis on training all its team to ensure they deliver the quality service you need. The lab is also keen to help bridge the gap between university and industry, working with UCLAN and the University of Bolton to train the next generation of dental technicians. Combined with state-of-the-art technology and a strict quality assurance system, the extensive skill and experience of the technical team is exactly what you need to take your business to new heights.

Continued education is vital for success within the modern dental profession. Individuals and businesses alike have much to gain from continual training and skill development, with patients being the ultimate winners. Facilitating training within your business is just as crucial as establishing partnerships with other companies that share your passion for learning.


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