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  Posted by: The Probe      22nd December 2018

For any dentists looking to introduce digital technologies but who wish to retain some of their traditional workflows, the CS 7200 imaging plate system from Carestream Dental offers an ideal balance between the two.

Combining the benefits of film and digital imaging, the compact system produces sharp images with a true resolution of 17 Ip/mm. Available in as little as eight seconds, images reproduce excellent detail and ensure optimal contrast for enhanced diagnostics.

Facilitating a simple, virtually error-proof workflow, the clinician need only take an X-ray, scan the plate and the image automatically displays on the computer screen.

Aside from bridging the gap between film and digital imaging, the CS 7200 is also a cost-effective solution for anyone not yet in a position to invest in fully digital technologies.

Find your ideal balance with the CS 7200 from Carestream Dental.

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