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  Posted by: The Probe      7th December 2018

Ten Dental is committed to providing one of the UK’s most trusted referral services, but it also aims to keep dental professionals updated on the current industry trends. That’s why the team provides excellent educational opportunities through Study Clubs, which cover a wide range of interesting topics.

Led by renowned implantologists, Drs Nik Sisodia and Martin Wanendeya, Ten Dental Study Clubs provide the latest information on modern concepts, materials and advanced equipment. This serves to help practitioners improve their knowledge and skills for the benefit of their clinical practises.

As Ten Dental understands the value of continued education, it also offers aspiring practitioners the chance to take part in a dedicated Implant Restoration Course (IRC). This programme provides practitioners with the essential skills to restore implants in their own clinics, helping them expand their services and further their careers.

Many clinicians have already implemented the techniques they have learnt from Ten Dental to great effect – could you be next to do so? Reserve your space at the next Study Club by contacting Andrea at andrea@tendental.comor calling on 020 86727766.

For more information about Ten Dental and The Implant Restoration Course, visit Facebook/Implant Restoration Course-IRC, email:,  visit or call 020 7622 7610

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