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  Posted by: The Probe      8th December 2018

Shalin Mehra, Chief Executive Officer of Rodericks Dental, discusses why they became a member of the Association of Dental Groups (ADG).

“Rodericks joined the ADG some time ago as we saw the benefit in being able to work with other dental providers to help shape the future landscape of UK dentistry. As an association with dental groups of all shapes and sizes, we have an unparalleled collective knowledge base from which to draw fresh ideas and work on potential solutions to what we believe are key challenges in the industry right now.

“It’s also a great source of inspiration – each member can gain from others and we hope to inspire dental providers outside the group who want to get involved with issues that affect them just as much as the corporates. We really value our ADG membership and look forward to how the association navigates the seas ahead.”

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