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Chameleon effect composite

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  Posted by: The Probe      6th December 2018

For composite restorations, Dr Bertie Napier, co-owner of Dentistry19 in Hertfordshire and active member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, uses BRILLIANT EverGlow®by COLTENE.

“The handling and blending of BRILLIANT EverGlow®is absolutely superb,” he says, “making the material easy to apply and sculpt accurately and effectively.

“The material has an exceptionally smooth consistency, good wettability, and low stickiness to instruments.

“What I love most about this next generation universal composite, though, is the polishability and aesthetics. Both are far superior to similar materials I’ve used and much simpler to achieve. These properties along with the chameleon effect created by the Duo Shades mean that I am confident about providing high quality restorations in both the anterior and posterior regions. For all of these reasons I would recommend BRILLIANT EverGlow®.”

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