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Begin or continue your journey with the IAS Academy in 2019

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  Posted by: The Probe      5th December 2018

To begin or continue your learning journey with the IAS Academy, get in touch with the team today about future training opportunities.

There will be a number of courses available throughout 2019, including the IAS ABB (Align, Bleach and Bond) two-day hands-on certification for GPDs with little or no experience, and ClearSmile Aligner course, which offers a more comprehensive insight into removable orthodontics.

For more experienced clinicians looking to move into the fixed appliance arena, the IAS Academy will be providing the ClearSmile Brace certification course and ClearSmile Discreet Brace course.

For a full list of upcoming courses and dates, contact the IAS Academy.

For more information on upcoming IAS Academy training courses,

please visit or call 020 8916 2024

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