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  Posted by: probe-admin      7th December 2018

543 Dental Centre has been established for more than 40 years. We used to operate several practices, but we brought them all under one roof to concentrate our services in a location of high dental need. We are now a 12,000 sq ft, 13-surgery practice offering NHS and private dentistry, as well as cosmetic services.

We also provide domiciliary care to 101 care homes in Hull, East Yorkshire and the Humber and offer sedation options for those patients who need it. In addition, we participate as part of the team delivering the general anaesthetic contract for Hull and East Yorkshire. In order to improve access to dental care, we offer payment plans – Dencare – for our patients. We are particularly keen to provide good quality, affordable family dentistry, and we welcome a wide range of patients through our doors every day.

543 Team

In the practice, our clinical team consists of 13 dentists, two dental dental therapists, a treatment coordinator and a great team of dental nurses. We also have a resident clinical dental technician, enabling us to deliver fast and efficient care in a vast number of cases. Our Clinical Director, David Ward, oversees the team and all the services on offer, while our experienced support team ensure the smooth running of the practice and make all our patients comfortable.

We are dedicated to helping our entire team develop their skills through both in-house and external training programmes. Continued professional learning is key to ensuring that all our patients receive the very highest standard of care and support. It means that all our team members have the knowledge and expertise they need to operate our cutting-edge equipment as well, further facilitating excellent treatment provision. With this training, professionals also have the opportunity to broaden their experiences by getting involved in our cosmetic or domiciliary care services.

Teeth Team

Many professionals will have hopefully seen or heard of the Teeth Team programme. It is something we at 543 are very passionate about and we have been involved with the scheme from the beginning.

Teeth Team is a school-based initiative that incorporates oral health education, supervised tooth brushing, clinical dental assessments and fluoride varnish applications. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of dental health among the younger generation, giving them the information and skills they need to establish good dental habits and maintain them for life. This is particularly important in our area of Yorkshire and Humber, where children’s oral health has been identified as among the worst in the county.

To have most impact, oral health education is also given to the teachers and parents, encouraging them to support children in changing their behaviours with regards to dental hygiene and diet.

At 543, we are huge ambassadors for the Teeth Team philosophy of outreach and we aim to complement its great work by offering In Practice Prevention in our practice. Here, our very own team are on hand to provide advice to kids of any age and their parents / carers, demonstrate cleaning techniques and apply fluoride varnish where necessary.

ADG team

We initially joined the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) because we wanted to be involved with what the group did and stood for. We were already passionate about working with the government and other bodies in order to address the challenges in dentistry right now, and the ADG gives us another platform from which to do this. The ADG identifies areas in most need of alteration or guidance and uses its collective knowledge to bring important issues to the attention of those with the capability to affect change. It is interesting and useful to be able to share ideas and information with other businesses that operate similar structures, keeping us all ahead of the game. As such, we feel our membership has been highly valuable and we look forward to the impact we may have as part of the group in the future.

For more information about the ADG visit www.dentalgroups.co.uk


Chris Groombridge is a Joint Managing Director of 543 Dental Centre

 The views presented in this article and those of the author and not necessarily the ADG as a whole



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