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To who, not just how much

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  Posted by: The Probe      10th November 2018

Choosing who to sell a dental practice to is almost as important as how much it is sold for. After years of dedication to the business, principals want to leave knowing that the new owner has only the best intentions for the practice, patients and dental team.

The board of directors at Rodericks Dental is mainly dentists and so they understand dentistry and its challenges. They appreciate the years of hard work put into developing and maintaining goodwill within a practice and they know what it takes to maintain and build upon this legacy.

Aside from ensuring excellent patient care, Rodericks is committed to its people. It continually invests in learning and career development for all members of the team, meaning that an owner can hand over the reins with peace of mind that their team and patients will be well looked after.

Because of the Rodericks team’s experience in the transaction process, a sale can happen in as little as 12 weeks after signing Heads of Terms, for minimal disruption to the practice and patients. They can also offer financial support with legal costs when a recommended dental expert is used.

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