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  Posted by: The Probe      2nd November 2018

Terrie Peat and Wendy Dickens from Stanstead Abbots Dental Practicein Hertfordshire comment on Carestream Dental’s CS R4+ practice management software and the complimentary training event that they attended.

“We’ve been using the CS R4+ software for a long time, and we find it simple to use. It’s easy to view the appointments as the screen uses different colours and sizes for the appointment times. The software also helps with the payments. The AutoPost email system is brilliant; it makes a real difference.

“The training in how to use the CS R4+ Springboard was excellent. There was a relaxed atmosphere and the trainer was very patient and knowledgeable. We would recommend both the training and software.”

If you would like more information about the CS R4+ practice management software and complimentary training, contact Carestream Dental today.


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