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  Posted by: The Probe      6th November 2018

Often, the most effective approach to dental care is to prevent a problem before it becomes an issue – but to do this, dental professionals need equipment that allows them to make early, accurate assessments.

Enter the CALCIVIS imaging system. By using a unique recombinant photoprotein that binds with the free calcium ions that are indicative of active demineralisation, this new technology provides dental professionals with an unmistakable bioluminescent (light emitting) signal that can be used to identify dental caries at its earliest stages.

Following this signal, dental professionals can plan a reliable preventive treatment plan for their patients, based on objective evidence. This then paves the way for remineralisation treatments that can reverse the effects of early-stage tooth decay before they are irreparable.

As the only product on the market that can accurately and reliably detect active demineralisation on the surface of individual teeth, the CALCIVIS imaging system has the potential to change the way dental professionals approach preventive dental care.

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