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  Posted by: The Probe      13th November 2018

“I attend any BACD Recommended Meetings that are near my area, and others that I am able to access,” says dental student, Thomas Hayes-Powell. “I have previously seen both Dr Simon Chard and Dr Andrew Chandrapal speak on different subjects. They presented very engaging lectures, which were full of useful content.  

“The meeting I attended in Chepstow recently was very well conducted. I most definitely learnt more than I was expecting and will put a lot of suggested tips and techniques into practice where possible. Both speakers were very engaging and easy to listen to. The content they presented was clear and concise with a great exhibition of clinical photography.

“The meeting benefitted me a lot, as I had a chance to network with other dentists and gain an insight into cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry from them. I also had the opportunity to explore some key topics in further detail.

“Clinicians should take the opportunity to attend BACD Recommended Meetings, as they are of great value. The speakers offer a large wealth of information that any dental practitioner can use. I have implemented some of the techniques I have learnt into my own work, as a result of these sessions.”

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